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Neither must realize that taking this statement is for the benefit of humankind. Free sample Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy. Wood has been the most common source of energy since the advent human beings on the earth. Population being thin everywhere it seemed to be everlasting source.

Alternative fuels, known as non-conventional and advanced fuels, enabling continued compatible and affordable vehicles. making it an economically attractive alternative fuel.

Essay on Non-Commercial Energy Sources in India

[citation needed] Propane autogas. Propane is a cleaner burning, high performance fuel derived from multiple sources. It is known by many names including propane.

Alternative fuel

The comparison between the Conventional and Non-conventional sources of Energy is mentioned below: Conventional energy, such as thermal powers (from coal, petroleum, and natural gas), hydel power (from high velocity of running water) are tapped and used abundantly at present.

Although developing other alternative energy sources, including solar power, is also undoubtedly important, ever-increasing energy demands cannot be met unless we use atomic energy. The sooner these new energy systems become competitive with conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, the further ahead we will be in achieving.

And non-conventional sources of energy are also called as alternate sources of energy, and also their exploitation is very easy as compared to conventional sources of energy.

There are various sources. Renewable energy sources, that derive their energy from the sun, Renewable energy often displaces conventional fuels in four areas: electricity generation, derived from non-food sources such as trees and grasses is also being developed as a feedstock for ethanol production.

Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy Vehicles on non conventional sources essay
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