How to write a letter to a senator legislators

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List of current members of the United States Senate

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Whether you choose to use the U.S. Postal Service or email, here are some tips that will help you write a letter to Congress that has an impact. Think Locally It's usually best to send letters to the representative from your local congressional district or the senators from your state.

Sep 11,  · How to Write a Letter to Your United States Senator. In this Article: Article Summary Planning Your Letter Drafting Your Letter Editing and Sending Your Letter Community Q&A Each state has two senators. Your senators vote on bills and approve or 75%(4).

Elected officials want to be informed and responsive to their constituent's needs. A well-written letter can provide valuable information and feedback that helps the official choose an informed position.

Writing to Your Legislators

Re: VACCINE LEGISLATION. Dear Legislator: My name is Tetyana Obukhanych. I hold a PhD in Immunology. I am writing this letter in the hope that it will correct several common misperceptions about vaccines in order to help you formulate a fair and balanced understanding that is supported by accepted vaccine theory and new scientific findings.

U.S. Senators for Oregon are: Senator Jeff Merkley, Hart Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. | Senator Ron Wyden, Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C., | Further questions about who represents you? Contact your county Elections Office.

How to write a letter to a senator legislators
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How to Address a Representative in a US state legislature