How to write a chorus chord progression

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5 Verse-Chorus Chord Progression Pairs

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Common Chord Progressions

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I love it when songs just fall out. If I could write every song without consciously applying a single tool of the craft, I would. Tools are hard work, and let’s face it, I’d rather be lazy. When it comes to writing harmony, sometimes I choose to just coast awhile.

A nice chord progression. Oct 05,  · Watch this Hack Music Theory lesson to learn how to write a chord progression for a catchy pop song chorus.

Free eBook: One of the most important aspects of playing jazz guitar is building a confident and creative approach to jazz guitar soloing.

While nobody wants to recite licks when soloing, you need to study the jazz tradition to allow the history of the genre to come through in your solos.

How to write chord progressions.


Pick a progression type that matches what you want to play. Remember that your playing style can also affect the emotion of a chord progression. The piano sound in the mp3 files is not included in the midi file. It is only played in the mp3 demo to show where the bar stops are.

There are overfour-bar Pop & Soft-Rock drum loops in this library and they all sound as good as, or better than, the demos.

How to write a chorus chord progression
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