How the beam bridge is constructed

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9 Common Reasons for Bridge Failures

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Penang bridge IN MALAYSIA

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Beam Bridge Facts, History and Design

Steel Bridges 2 from REIDsteel. REIDsteel have designed and constructed a number of steel bridges, with projects completed both internationally and in the UK. As shown below, a number of steel bridges can be designed to suit all. Click on the relevant section to read further information.

Concrete Beam Bridge

The Penang Bridge is a km (mile) dual carriageway toll bridge and controlled-access highway in the state of Penang, Malaysia. The bridge connects Butterworth on the mainland side of the state with Gelugor on the island, crossing the Selatan Strait.

Abutment - the outermost end supports on a bridge, which carry the load from the deck. Aluminum - a lightweight chemical element (Al); the most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust. Underhung Bridge Crane: The end trucks of the underhead bridge crane ride on the bottom flange of the runway beam.

Typically, an underhung runway is suspended from the roof of the building and is available only on lighter capacities, usually 10 tons or less. Speed & Quality. Every detail of your bridge is met with a level of attention and efficiency to ensure it is delivered on time and delivered to your specifications.

Beam bridge How the beam bridge is constructed
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