Are you ready to live without

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Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. You must be dating exclusively (or at least both be clear on the nature of their relationship) and have met each other's family and friends.

You must have talked about the future - what you want to achieve, what kind of life you want, whether you want to get married and have children or not. You must have talked about finances. Video: Six Things to Know Before a Disaster. Every minute counts during a disaster – plan now so you’re prepared.

Here are six important things to know before a disaster strikes. Are you ready to flee the parental nest? Are you independent enough?

You Love Bananas? Scientists Say You Should Prepare To Live Without Them

These questions may worry you, especially if you are over 18, where. is an initiative from the National Cancer Institute to help you or someone you care about quit smoking.

When the Grid Goes Down, You Better Be Ready!

A gentleman by the name of Max wrote a blog post commenting on one of my own. (Thank you Max, by the way. It was a great article!) At the end of the article he mentioned something I’ve heard come up lately and people have asked my opinion on it.

Are you ready to live without
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